PhotoSynthesizers is a Hip-Hop Rock Duo out of Richmond, Va. The group consists of its co-founding members, Maurice "Barzencode" Osion (lyricist) and Josh Bryant (producer). Barz and Bryant's art alliance, rhyme-rock hybrid, began its synthesis when the two met through a local publication in the group's hometown. Barz and Bryant have remained the core of the group since its inception, but have surrounded themselves with a family of musicians for their live shows over the years. Barz multilayered rhyme schemes and Bryant's hard-hitting production of 808's, guitars, and synthesizers form the axis of their double helix of Hip-Hop and Rock, while other musical genres, such as electro, classical and jazz, form the cross-links that have created their signature sound. 

Beginning Friday, January 15, 2021, the group will follow up their 2019 debut LP, Apollogy, by dropping a series of short stories told through music and video, scaling up to their new project, The World's Fair. The first of these releases is "Ants In The Antennas," a  story about the group’s musical journey, told through the lens of the smallest being the strongest, often revered but not remembered.


The entire project, The World's Fair, was conceptualized during the midst of COVID, when the group was no longer able to produce and rehearse music in person and had to rely on file-sharing. The album's title is also a tribute to the history of The Worlds International Expos, a variety of worldwide exhibitions showcasing the achievements and the cultural advances of societies through arts, science, and technology. And within two global pandemics of COVID and the ongoing systematic racial injustices against black and brown people, we can only ask ourselves, what will be our advances to contribute toward a better future?


For PhotoSynthesizers, aka The Ropes-Of-Dope Duo, it starts with "The Ants In The Antennas."